• One year warranty with all our Double Glazing glass replacement only; please read terms & conditions below for more information.
  • If any fault arises within a year; then we will replace and re-fix without any charge.
  • We use high quality products in repairs & replacement.
  • Your safety is our highest priority. We will do our best to ensure safety & security from thieves/intruders.
  • All repair jobs are carried out by expert fabricators, with years of experience in double glazing industry.
Terms & Conditions:

Please inspect completed work in details to ensure your own safety, security and satisfaction. Our warranty excludes damage or faults due to accident, misuse or neglect, fair wear and tear. If necessary maintenance is not carried out or clearly misused, then repair/re-fix may be chargeble. Our warranty excludes defects in the installation or products, where the work wasn’t carried out by us.

Prices and or quotations made in good faith, do not constitute offer and are subject to variation or withdrawal without notice. Fast Repair Newcastle shall not be bound by any quotation, contract incorporating a quotation, statement of account or other containing an error or omission arising from an individual. We reserve the right to cancel or discontinue any repair as a result of the customer’s actions, negligence, non-payment, disagreement or any other reason that prevents us from completing our obligations.

Fast Repair Newcastle will use all reasonable endeavors to meet pre-arranged repair dates and times, but any such dates and times are to be treated as estimates only. If repair is delayed for any cause whatsoever, we will not be liable for any expense or loss sustained by the customer or any other person in consequence thereof, nor shall any such delay entitle the customer to rescind the scheduled repair. 

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